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Cardiology Services

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), cardiovascular disease is the leading health threat facing women today, claiming the lives of close to 460,000 women each year, including nearly 14,000 women in New Jersey. However, women do not perceive heart disease as their major health threat, and many still fear cancer most.  

Heart disease also contributes to more deaths in women than men each year. Experts believe a gender gap in diagnosing and treating heart disease in women still exists. Among the reasons for this gap are that women are screened for heart disease less aggressively than men, and the evaluation and treatment of cardiovascular disease may be delayed.

To enable women to take a proactive approach against cardiac disease, The Women’s Cardiac Heath Center at Englewood Hospital provides access to a range of heart health education and services including cardiology, nutrition counseling, diabetes education, and stress management & integrative healing therapies.

We also offer a monthly lecture, presented by a physician or other health professional, on an exciting topic relevant to the unique cardiac health and lifestyle needs of women. View our current lecture schedule as a PDF here.