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The Orthopedic Surgery Program and Joint Replacement Center bring together a combination of surgical expertise and state-of-the-art technology to deliver compassionate orthopedic care at the highest level.

Patients benefit from a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team, which includes: the area’s top orthopedic surgeons, Magnet Award winning nurses dedicated to orthopedic surgical care, on-site rehabilitation medicine and gym facilities, and the use of integrative healing modalities including massage therapy and alternative pain management techniques.

Marie Sarubbi, Dedicated Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner

Joint Replacement

At the core of the Medical Center’s comprehensive Joint Replacement Center is a team of experienced, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons. They boast a variety of specialties – all at the forefront of advances in joint replacement technology and orthopedic surgical techniques. Among these are gender-specific knee implants, minimally invasive, two incision hip replacement (MIS-2), hip resurfacing, and complex revision surgery.

Englewood Hospital’s orthopedic specialists are experts in minimally-invasive surgical techniques. Minimally-invasive procedures are performed with smaller incisions, which result in smaller scars, less pain, and allow for a faster recovery than traditional surgery methods. Furthermore, 95% of all elective surgery performed at Englewood Hospital – including joint replacements – is performed without blood transfusions or the use of blood products. Research indicates a direct correlation between bloodless surgery, shorter hospital stay, faster healing, and a lowered chance of transfusion-associated infection and disease.

An individualized approach is taken to every aspect of the joint replacement experience. This includes the utilization of the most appropriate joint replacement technique, patient education with a personal touch, a rehabilitation medicine program designed to meet patients’ varying lifestyle needs, and the use of a range of complementary healing and pain management techniques.

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